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Be like Jane.

Every day we see signs telling us what to do: stop, slow down, keep out, watch for children. Sometimes we heed the warning signs, sometimes we don’t. In my field of child sexual abuse, I’ve found that there are so many signs and few people paying attention to them. Recently, I had an acquaintance friend … Read More

You’re so rude!

I’ve said it a million times to my kids: Be nice! Be polite! Don’t be rude! Don’t we all hope our kids are polite, respectful children when we’re not around? My husband and I have tried to teach our kids to be kind to others and mindful of their manners. As kids get older, the only … Read More

I Believe You

It’s been 5 months since I started my Camp Careful website and blog. My hope is that you have learned some facts about child sexual abuse, and more importantly, used the information from my blog or class to help prevent abuse from happening to your child. There are so many things we can all do … Read More

Two’s company, three’s a crowd?

There’s that saying: “Two’s company, three’s a crowd.” Well, in my line of work in child sexual abuse, I say “Three’s Company”, just like in that great 70s show with Jack, Chrissy, and Janet. (Does that tell you how old I am? Please tell me I’m not the only generation on Facebook that still remembers that … Read More

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